Слова: Blind; Музыка: Таур


You woke one morning
In jungle of town,
And felt that your senses
Decreasing to down.

Youve found yourself
On the way to the creature,
You still have some doubts
But there are some features.

Massacre of life
Have invented the laws.
You are draft to break them
And prove their false.

Youll scatter their bands
In the rush of the blood,
You fight like a demon,
Youve force of a crowd!..

Clench your fist
And prepare a blow
To break ugly face
Crashing down the nose.

These cruel street warriors -
Just black city rats,
Its not a great sin
To pull down their heads.

Their tomb will be gutter,
Thats loath and rotten.
You cure your town
From dangerous hurt.

Abandon their rights
To live in your world.
To breath human air
Dont let them at all!..

(~~~bass solo~~~)


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