Слова: Blind, Музыка: Таур


By unknown path in old thick wood

In the valley of Severn there walked a stranger...

You won’t learn his past, course it’s hidden with darkness

Of ancient castles, that are full of dangers...


The happy songs of troubadours

Has never pleased the ears of hero...

Hidden in cloak, with sword on his back,

Hating wealth and glory of Kingdom! Argh!!!


He was accused in all human sins,

Called an enemy and betrayer.

Blamed by Court and put in prison -

Wet and far from sunny rays...


Spending years in grave aloness,

Talking to rats and reading praters,

Listenning to steps of guards like for music -

Could you imagine his frustration!?




Sounds of wars and cries of warriors

Did not got into the prison...

Only God could hear his prayers -

Feeling ruth, he let the treason (be!)


(~~~flute splo~~~)


Few old guards relieved his creature,

Bribed official faked his legend,

Chronicles forgot his features

And returned him freedom label...


He gave a word not to avenge

And forget all his foes,

(To) Spend the rest of life near Severn

In small house like poor peasant...


And so he walked, threading his way

Through the shrubs of unknown trace...

Full of spite, inflections and pain

With covered sword and hidden face...

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